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Senior Developer - Full LAMP Stack
Full Time Contract

Feeling stifled in a bureaucratic company that you hate?


We're after an intelligent, ambitious Senior Developer with an insurgent mindset, and a strong strategic and commercial development approach.  An inspirational leader, seeking to propel the company into its next growth phase.

Is this you and what others say about you?



What is in it for you?

  • Be integral to an exciting expansion phase 
  • Take an active role in strategic and commercial development decisions
  • Execute "breakthrough" developments to take us where we need to be
  • Join a open and flexible company willing to have your development skills shine
  • Enjoy great team benefits and perks - that's an Expr3ss! promise
  • Awesome bright and gadget filled office, located in vibrant North Sydney 
  • A very competitive contract
  • Laptop + smartphone provided to ensure your success

Only those with an insatiable appetite for work need apply!


Be part of the Expr3ss! journey.


Help bring our vision and global ambitions to life!

Women developers and those returning to the workforce are encouraged to apply!


This is a great opportunity for you to make your mark on a privately-owned predictive hiring technology specialist, with more than ten years success in the market, that has ambitious plans for growth.  A company that has so much of an awesome reputation that our customers happily refer and demonstrate our services to others.  Check out the benefits to you through the videos on our website, the videos to the right of this job ad and at


We don't do ordinary!


 Your focus will be to redevelop our existing codebase (LAMP stack) and develop a forward-looking strategy based on new technologies of your choosing.

You will be happy to feel like you are at a start-up, to use your coding skills for day-to-day development on green-field and established projects, building fast and iterating quickly with well-designed beautiful code.  At the same time, you'll be happy to replace/rewrite existing code to fit with a forward-looking strategy that you'll be key in helping management formulate.  You will not be stifled by bureaucracy.  


About Expr3ss! - Software that Simplifies Staff Selection:

With over 15 years' experience, Expr3ss! provides simple, easy to use predictive hiring technology for businesses of all sizes.  From companies employing a hundred people through to companies with thousands of employees.  


Expr3ss! Predictive Hiring Technology helps customers take back control of their own recruitment.  It quickly pinpoints the applicants that have the right "can do""will do" and "fit to" qualities in minutes! And our customers love us for it ... and tell us so!


The opportunity open to you will require the following skills and attributes to be successful ...

  • A great communicator with an elasticity of skills.
  • Proactive and has the ability to multi-task.
  • Has a sense of urgency, likes to be accountable and takes ownership of responsibilities.
  • Likes a challenge and performs well in a fast-paced environment.  
  • Is excited about the latest trends in application design.
  • Has knowledge in the standard front end and back end technologies.
  • Has a superior knowledge of Open Source libraries, tools and frameworks.
  • Has experience with agile software development methodologies.
  • Possesses unparalleled passion for knowledge and learning about new technologies and ways to execute "breakthrough" development
  • Has experience in leading a product team. 
  • Fosters and cultivates business opportunities, networks and partnerships.
  • Can represent the company with technology partners, investors, investment bankers 
  • Holds qualifications that have resourced you to be where you are now and an appetite to go beyond. 
  • Is willing to take us where we need to be.
  • Has familiarity with recruitment processes (desirable but not essential)


This role is all about growing closer with us to see that you have what it takes initially to be hands on as you build out your own department.

You will have the advantage of working closely with the Founders.


We're after someone with Awesome ambition to grow the role and the team along with the company's growth and reap the rewards for doing so! 


Expr3ss! is an organisation that understands the importance of people and quality within its business. 


You will have a genuine desire to propel the company into its next phase ... and work closely with management, marketing, sales and customer service teams.  You do like to celebrate your wins. And you do want to work within a creative culture that allows skills to shine.

We appreciate that it is impossible to ascertain a person's awesomeness from a resume.  So we're not asking for one from you here.  Simply complete the Expr3ss! application process and we'll be in touch. 


If you would like to be part of a results-orientated team that recognises effort, contribution, commitment as well as personal and business wins... you have an underlying desire to benefit from the rewards of growing a company plus the determination to ensure customers benefit from an awesome product that adds value to their business and gets them the results that you can be passionate about, then we would like to hear from you.  


Apply Now!


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